erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, decreased muscle tone, bone loss, and memory loss

Twenty percent of men under the age of 40 – and 50% of otherwise healthy men aged 50-70 – are testosterone-deficient. (Korenmann et al, 1990) Cardiologists are now equating low testosterone with cardiovascular disease.(Muller, 2004) Testosterone levels in men today have dropped significantly, even compared to a generation ago (Travison, 2006). This is likely due to environmental toxins and an increased incidence of adrenal fatigue. As a consequence, we are seeing decreased sperm counts coupled with higher infertility rates, as well as increased rates of erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, decreased muscle tone, bone loss, and memory loss, all of which are frequently related to testosterone deficiency.

Some of the more frequent symptoms of andropause are generalized fatigue and a lack of vitality. Bio-identical testosterone is helpful in reversing or improving these conditions by restoring testosterone to more youthful levels, as determined by urine spot and salivary hormone testing.


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