Bio-electric acupressure

Bio-electric acupressure (BEA)

State-of-the-art (non-invasive, pain-free) device that transmits an extremely low dose electrical current to various acupressure points

Bio-electric acupressure (BEA) works with bio-energetic pathways of the body known as meridians. When these pathways are open and flowing freely they will function optimally as they were designed.

When the body displays dissonance or incompatibility with a certain substance or frequency, we know that there is a blockage of energetic flow. Dissonance may present itself as sensitivities to foods or environmental sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, unwanted symptoms and/or malabsorption issues. To test for dissonance we use muscle testing to determine if a substance creates weakness in the body.

To re-establish resonance (or compatibility) between the body and a substance, BEA can be used. This is achieved using a state-of-the-art (non-invasive, pain-free) device that transmits an extremely low dose electrical current to various acupressure points. This technique allows the body to re-establish resonance with a previously dissonant substance creating harmony and balance in the body.

Depending on several factors like stress, toxic load, immune system dysfunction, and hydration, an individual may need several sessions to establish resonance and homeostasis. However once balanced, further visits are not usually needed. Children can also benefit from this process.

Women who are pregnant or anyone with a heart condition are disqualified from BEA and instead will benefit from an alternate technique called manual tapping.


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