Aug 06, 2016

Being Kind To Yourself

Being Kind To Yourself

Do you wake up some days feeling stressed, sad, angry – or any other emotion that we would normally label as “bad”?  I have those types of days. We all do – if only we allow ourselves to admit it!

Do you fight the feelings and beg for it to go away so you can simply feel stress-free, happy or at peace?  Most of us do.

Yet it is said, “What we resist, will persist”

So why do we often resist those so-called “bad” feelings? It is because all our lives we are taught that it’s “bad” or “not right” to be aware of our feelings. Resisting our emotions, simply makes them sit in our bodies and possibly cause physiological or physical reactions.

For instance, imagine a time when someone or something startled you – most likely your heart started racing, your palms got cold or sweaty, or your rate of breathing changed. So clearly, an emotion (fear) creates a physical response in our body.

Similarly, other emotions such as anger or sadness also create physiological or hormonal reactions in our bodies.  There truly is a mind-body connection.

“Just as thoughts are the language of the brain, feelings are the language of the body. And how you think and how you feel create a state of being. A state of being is when your mind and body are working together. So your present state of being is your genuine mind-body connection.”

Joe Dispenza, You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter

Try another approach when so-called “bad” emotions come up. Use your mind as your ally to help transform yourself. This is where mindfulness can be of benefit.

  • Rather than denying what you feel, allow yourself to experience it without judgement and as an impartial observer.
  • Do not judge the feeling as good or bad. Simply notice it with interest and curiosity. This is part of being mindful.
  • By being an impartial observer, you will gradually become less reactive to your thoughts or emotions. You will be able to make better decisions.
  • You may even ask your emotions some questions. “Why are you here today?”. “What wisdom or lesson do you have for me today?”.

At first you may not notice anything or receive any wisdom. However with increased awareness of your thoughts, emotions and feelings you might just be surprised by what you learn.

All from your own inner wisdom and body.

Written by Avdeep Bahra OT Reg. (Ont.)


Avdeep Bahra is an occupational therapist that uses various techniques to enhance her clients’ mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. She guides clients to be present with emotions in order to integrate and release them.

She offers one on one appointments, mindfulness meditation classes and mindfulness workshops in the Greater Toronto Area. She has co-facilitated at the University of Toronto on spirituality, health and wellness. Furthermore, she has educated viewers on Rogers TV on the topic of holistic health.

Avdeep has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Masters in Occupational Therapy. She offers client appointments in person or over Skype. Occupational Therapy services may be covered under your benefits.


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