Jul 15, 2013

Body Image and Sexuality

The warmer weather of spring often has people think of “back on track” after a long winter filled with comfort foods and activities indoors that cold weather invites.  This week it made me think about body image and our sexuality!  Have you ever put your sex life on hold (or pause) because you had gained some weight or simply did not feel great about your body?  Well, trust me, you are NOT alone!

Thanks to Hollywood and 5 th Avenue we see and believe that most people are a size zero (32 for men) and guess what? They are NOT! Media has prejudiced society against any extra weight:  fat = unattractive.  Realistically, body parts are JUST body parts and we need to get past the preconceptions to the SEX!  Did you know that people, who have regular sex (regardless of body part appearance or image…) have stronger immune systems, are less likely to be depressed, live longer, are happier, and have MORE FUN?  Statistics back this up!

According to Hale Dwoskin, author of The Sedona Method, “We are obsessed with our bodies!  Most people have secret shame and disapproval of some part of their body, including thin people.”   He and I believe that we can be free of this and move on to be free to enjoy more sex and romance.  Dwoskin’s method is to ask yourself:

  1. What is holding you back in your sex and sensuous life?  Fear, disgust of self, partner judgement etc.
  2. Ask yourself:   Could I let this go?  Will I let this go?  When will I let this go?
  3. Then be more present, surrender into your sexuality/sensuality and enjoyment

Consider some ideas that you think would help you or others be more comfortable with YOUR body and get in touch with your own sensuality.

Some other ideas to become more comfortable with YOUR body:

  1. Go naked at home
  2. Try yoga and other sports to increase body awareness
  3. Massage
  4. Indulge in sensuous experiences, smells e.g. oil in a bath with candles
  5. Masturbate, self-pleasure  and  touch yourself in non sexual ways, explore the feeling.
  6. Experiment with your sex life:   Different rooms, lotions, silky lubes, sex toys, spice it up, dance, mingle, flirt, and embrace your sexuality!
  7. Use great Nutrition to feed and replenish your body into optimal health and vitality = better body image and sex.

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