Nov 15, 2016

Has Your Vagina Got You Down?

VAGINA, VAGINA, VAGINA!!! As a gynaecologist I should be comfortable saying this word…and so should you!

Unfortunately 77% of woman struggling with symptoms of urogenital atrophy are reluctant to discuss their symptoms because they think ‘it’ is taboo and only 7% of healthcare practitioners are initiating the conversation about urogenital health.

These are two major barriers to accessing treatment for a problem that has some very easy and helpful solutions.

So let’s talk about ‘it’!

Urogenital atrophy can present as one or a combination of many symptoms that include vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, recurrent bladder infections, urinary urgency or frequency and is a common problem for 45-55% of midlife and older woman.

An estimated 1.1 billion women over the age of 50 world-wide will struggle with any one of these symptoms of urogenital atrophy by the year 2025!!

That’s astonishing!

What I find most upsetting is that 75% of woman who suffer with these symptoms reported a negative impact on their sexual life and 33% felt in had a negative impact on their marriage or relationship…so, this isn’t just a woman’s issue it’s a couple’s issue!

What a shame when it doesn’t have to be this way!

There are now some very effective strategies for urogenital atrophy including, local hormone administration, laser therapy, heat/light and vibration energy therapy.

Want to know more? Visit and sign up to join Project Vagina: Modern Strategies for Revitalization, a webinar hosted live on November 30th, 2016 at 6:30pm, where Dr. Prouse will discuss treatment options.

Don’t suffer in silence…speak up knowing there is help!


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_LL_0476Dr. Kristy Prouse MD, FRCSC (OB/GYN) is Founder and Chief Medical Officer of the Institute for Hormonal Health, educator of practitioners world-wide, assistant professor at the University of Toronto, Medical Advisor to In-Common Laboratories and Editorial Review Board member for the Integrative Healthcare Practitioner Journal.

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