Cancer is a growing epidemic that reflects the state of our environment as well as the toxic stressors that no other generation before us has experienced. Hormonally compromised bodies are susceptible to cancers. Achieving hormonal balance and repleting deficient vitamin and nutrient stores can be beneficial in cancer prevention, and also in the management of side effects of cancer treatments.

The IHH certified Practitioner who leads our Oncology Division is a naturopathic doctor (ND) as well as a conventionally trained medical doctor (MD) from Egypt where he specialized in clinical oncology. His unique training bridges the gap between the two fields and allows him to approach his practise of naturopathic medicine with a deep understanding and appreciation for conventional oncology in the treatment and prevention of cancer. Learn more about Dr. Mohammed here.

Supportive Treatment of Cancer:

The Institute for Hormonal Health’s Oncology Division supports conventional cancer treatment with therapies that reduce side effects and discomfort, support metabolic systems and maximize benefits of conventional therapies, remove tumor promoting factors, promote apoptosis, support recovery post treatment, prevent primary and secondary cancers and support a healthy immune response. Learn more

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