Oncology Division


A holistic approach to cancer care.

One of the most common consequences of chronic stress is its negative impact on the immune system. The immune system is not only important for fighting off infections, but it also plays a critical role in protecting the body from cancer formation.

Many people living with cancer often pair their conventional cancer therapies with complementary naturopathic therapies, as quality of life can be improved substantially by combining various modalities.

The Institute for Hormonal Health’s Oncology Division covers these areas of concern:

• Primary prevention and risk reduction
• Integrative co-treatment during conventional active cancer therapy
• Improvement in tumouricidal activity of conventional therapies to maximize benefits
• Reduction of the side effects of conventional therapies during active treatments
• Post treatment recovery support
• Support for long term secondary prevention after complete treatment
• Removal of tumor promoting factors such as hyper-insulinemia, nutrient deficiencies, exogenous hormones, smoking, etc. to change the environment that allowed tumour growth
• Support the patient metabolically while starving the tumour
• Promote normal cell differentiation and apoptosis
• Support a healthy immune response

The IHH certified practitioner who leads our Oncology Division is a naturopathic doctor (ND) as well as a conventionally trained medical doctor (MD) from Egypt where he specialized in clinical oncology. His unique training bridges the gap between the two fields and allows him to approach his practise of naturopathic medicine with a deep understanding and appreciation for conventional oncology in the treatment and prevention of cancer. Learn more about Dr. Mohammed here.

Complementary therapies can be effective in decreasing toxicity and side effects, supporting the immune system and helping the body to heal itself. At IHH we believe in an integrative and holistic approach to cancer care and we encourage a collaborative approach with your various medical team members in the development of a treatment program tailored to your individual needs.

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