Weight Management Division

A holistic approach to weight management.

At IHH, we look at the whole patient and take a systematic approach to assessing what factors may be contributing to weight management issues. After a thorough investigation, we begin to eliminate or reduce the impact of various contributing factors. Dr. Prouse MD, FRCSC has developed a strategy that addresses hormonal healing in a pyramid of layers with weight management at the top of the pyramid. This layered approach responds to the fact that correcting one hormone imbalance often leads to the correction of another hormone imbalance, without the need to target it directly. Weight management is positioned near the top of this “orderly healing pyramid” as it is common to see weight loss when hormonal balance is achieved.

Similarly, non-hormonal, yet foundational health principles like detoxification, epigenetics, substrate repletion and a balanced intestinal microflora often result in weight loss and are necessary to sustain a healthy weight.

On a foundation of nutritional science, IHH uses nutritional ketosis as the base of all our weight management programs, layered with a nutritional system that targets the individual’s needs, be it focused on cortisol and cleansing, or epigenetics.


An educational component is also included in the program, providing online help and the expertise of a team of practitioners to support patients, make the process enjoyable and make weight loss sustainable.

Achieving healthy, measurable success.

• Most past participants dropped at least one pant size and lost two inches off the chest, waist and buttocks and three inches off the abdomen.

• 100% of past participants saw improvements in energy.

• 75% of past participants saw improvements in overall health, hormone symptoms, dietary habits, concentration and ability to cope with stress.

• 50% of past participants saw improvements in sleep, digestion, and increased libido.

Dr. Kristy Prouse MD, FRCSC on Weight Management

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