Feb 09, 2019

It’s All About the Balance!

By Tammy Strome  RNCP, BA (hons) Kin, CCP, IFBB Pro

Holistic Transformation Coach/ Life Success Strategist


How many times can you honestly say that you’ve heard this?

I myself have heard it too many times to count and I’m even guilty of using this phrase myself.

But what does it really mean to be in balance and how does that translate into reality and emotional wellbeing in a culture that has come to pride itself on extremes?

Could balance, as we typically think of it create stress? How about emotional distress?

I have come to the belief based on my own client explorations and research that it certainly can.

It really depends on what you believe to be true about “Balance”.

It’s not uncommon that when you ask someone what balance means that they’ll navigate towards describing something of even distribution.  Perhaps the image of  2 people on a teeter totter or an even 4 quadrant box will come to mind.

Now that may be an ideal way to think of things but the truth it typically doesn’t translate into reality.  More often or not when people strive for the elusive typically defined concept of balance…they find themselves feeling in lack.  They feel stressed.  Perhaps like they are constantly failing.

Can you think of a time where you have felt this way?

I can certainly think of the times in my life where I thought I should be able to execute the same amount of energy, heart and discipline to building my career, being a mother, being a pro athlete, managing my home, being a spouse and what ever else I managed to find to put on that list.   Oh and I always found many things.

I would stress myself right out with this perfectionistic notion of balance.  I’d feel anxious, frazzled and just exhausted.  I’d feel like I was failing all the time.

I found this trend coming up again and again with clients.  They all felt the same way.  This piqued my curiosity and led me to dig deeper and explore where our ideas of balance came from and why our attachment to this “magical” notion was so strong.

It’s simply conditioning really.  We hear it over and over that balance works.  Few people really explain what balance should look like in our modern world today.

It requires a shift in perception.

Do you want to experience the feelings of success and peace that come from a simple shift in perception?

If so, then I invite you to give this a try?  Just read what I’m about to say a few times and let it really soak in.

Be open to accepting the idea that balance is really a moving target.  It’s more about a flow of energy and direction of attention.   Sometimes that attention will be more heavily focused in one area than another.  Then it will shift as needed.

At all times you want to have a wheel of life where all the important elements are listed but the flow of energy or direction of attention will sometimes be towards one and less towards another.

What’s also important to understand here is that some behaviours and choices after being repeated will become habits.  This means they become more unconscious and require less energy to maintain them during the flow of life.

For example:  Healthy eating and an exercise routine.

We want to have a plan in place for our nutrition and exercise but we flow with change so that means that if the habits are in place then we choose something healthier for our body when an unexpected schedule interruption arises.  For example:  A piece of fruit and a 1 oz raw nuts or seeds or a health meal replacement bar or shake.  It requires some conscious effort to get to that place especially if your current habit is the local Starbucks.

Maybe your exercise on a particular day is a 10 minute walk , 20 pushups and 20 squats.    Better than doing nothing right?  You have your planned workouts but you can adapt at the drop of a hat and not suffer for it.

I’m inviting you to think of balance as more of a moving target.  Accept it as a flow.  Let your mind embrace it as something that is always fluctuating but when you look at the big picture all the pieces get addressed.  You feel happy, productive, peaceful, successful and like a total rock star.

Your perception is a powerful tool.  Intentionally choosing to shift what you believe and how you perceive something can really make a huge difference in your sense of emotional wellbeing.


Oh and one more important thing I must add.  Always expect the unexpected!!!

Until next time…..

Tammy xo

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