Dr. Kristy Prouse MD, FRCSC tells her story.

Leaders in hormonal health medicine.

The Institute for Hormonal Health is the leading integrative medical clinic in Canada specializing in the treatment of health issues that are hormonal in origin. The Institute utilizes state-of-the-art technology and an unparalleled team of medical professionals to provide the highest level of care.

Getting to the root cause of symptoms.

The Institute for Hormonal Health was created to fill a gap in our current medical approach to hormonal issues. Dr. Kristy Prouse MD, FRCSC, an accomplished surgeon and leading OB/GYN with degrees in Psychology, Genetics and Cell Biology and trained in Functional Medicine, founded the institute in 2011 when her own personal experience with hormonal health issues led her to create what she felt was missing from the standard of care in Western medicine.

"We look at the whole patient to get to the root of the problem causing the symptoms."

Dr. Kristy Prouse

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