Aug 23, 2017


Bonnie is a Certified Nutritionist and speaker. She specializes in nutrition solutions for addressing joint pain by reducing inflammation, improving digestion and maintaining a healthy weight. Bonnie works with individual clients and runs online and in-person group and corporate wellness programs.

Bonnie uses a collaborative and holistic approach utilizing symptoms analysis, test result metrics, and habit change coaching. She addresses the root cause and creates personalized plans to get her clients on the most direct path to feeling their best. Her 3-phase system includes discovering motivation, measuring transformation and developing maintenance strategies to ensure that her clients sustain their health long-term.

Bonnie has completed additional advanced training in clinical detoxification and interpreting genetic testing in order to create personalized nutrition strategies and achieve better health outcomes for her clients. Bonnie’s clients cite her non-judgemental, responsive and genuine approach as making a big difference in their success.

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