Mar 07, 2021



After graduating from nursing school and working in conventional medicine for over twenty five years, Janine gained experience providing nursing care to families from birth to end stages of life. It has been her privilege to support patients in their physical and emotional needs.

Janine’s passion is to find a balance between modern medicine and conventional training as a registered nurse and natural alternatives. Through her own personal health journey, Janine discovered more about natural alternatives for optimal wellness. This led to her passion for teaching and educating patients and their families as well as her own family, on the healing properties of essential oils.

Janine has gained clinical experience working with medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists and like-minded healthcare professionals practicing holistic health and supporting patients and their families with health issues, while emphasizing an evidence-based practice.

Janine is privileged to now be using her personal and professional experience to teach individuals and families how to incorporate natural options for healthcare into their homes and lives.

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