About Hormonal Health


Optimal hormonal health.

Balancing the hormonal system is an intricate process that our bodies automatically perform, until a significant insult disrupts the process. There are many hormones that must act harmoniously to keep us feeling well and healthy. Disruption of one hormone impacts on other hormones, and, if not rebalanced, can result in unpleasant symptoms and disease.

Like no other humans before us, we are exposed to significant, repetitive and cumulative insults on our hormonal milieu. These insults are also known as stressors. Among them are emotional stressors, but also physical and environmental stressors that our bodies must combat. In our youth, most of us, but by no means all of us, are able to balance these systems. As we age and our bodies cope with wear and tear, medical conditions, and repetitive insults, our hormonal systems can fail us, resulting in peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms, PMS, PCOS, cancer (cervical, uterine, breast, ovarian, and prostate), cortisol imbalance, andropause, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, and other ailments.

Reversing symptoms and preventing disease.

To achieve optimal hormonal health, we must look at the whole health of the patient and treat the cause rather than just the symptoms. With a nuanced, high-quality diagnosis and state-of-the-art treatment performed by specialists who have your whole health in mind, your symptoms can be reversed and disease can be prevented.

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