Patients of the Institute for Hormonal Health will benefit from the encompassing skill sets of a medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, bio-energetic medicine specialist, registered nurse, registered dietician, holistic nutritionist and sexuality therapist.

Due to the complexity of the hormonal system, a multi-dimensional approach to supporting and adequately balancing it for long-term health and disease prevention is needed. At the Institute for Hormonal Health, we understand this complexity and recognize that a multi-disciplinary approach is essential to maximizing the potential benefits of hormonal balance. Our uniquely qualified team possesses unparalleled training and expertise, with each practitioner having a specific professional focus on issues of hormonal imbalance. This diverse pool of expertise and experience enables us to design a truly holistic hormonal program for each individual’s unique needs. Every patient of the Institute for Hormonal Health will benefit from the encompassing skill sets of a physician specializing in gynaecology, a naturopathic doctor and a holistic nutritionist. A comprehensive hormonal program is designed to incorporate each individual’s unique hormonal needs, and to help establish a foundation of health that is not only preventive, but also key to maintaining hormonal health.

Intravenous Vitamin and Nutrient Therapy

There are some hormonal conditions that are best managed with IV vitamin therapies. The advantage of IV therapy over supplements taken by mouth is twofold:

1) intravenous delivery bypasses the gut. Seventy percent of patients will struggle with maldigestion and malabsorption (and may not know it).

2) 100% bio-availability

3) higher doses of vitamins and minerals can be given intravenously compared to orally as we are limited by side-effects when administered by mouth.


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What to Expect

First visit:

Your comprehensive medical history will be reviewed and physical examination performed by your IHH practitioner. Appropriate investigations will be organized based on these findings. You will also meet your Patient Care Coordinator to ensure an understanding of how to complete your investigations and to review communication with the Institute for Hormonal Health. Expect to be at the Institute for a little over an hour.

Once all of your testing has been completed, your results will be reviewed and a plan formulated to include treatments and involvement of members of our integrative health team that will be of benefit to you. Each member of the team is a hormone specialist within their field and each addresses various aspects of a hormonal imbalance (see team member bios under “Your Team”) This general plan will be communicated to you by your IHH practitioner and appointments with each recommended expert will be made to suit your schedule.

Second visit:

At this second visit your IHH practitioner will review all of your test results with you in detail so that you have an understanding of your particular hormonal imbalances. An individualized treatment plan will be formulated and tailored to your specific needs. You will meet with your Patient Care Coordinator who will help you summarize and implement your treatment program. In addition, you will receive your investigation results, as well as scientific papers (for both you and your family doctor) supporting the treatment plan for your hormonal issue.

Third & fourth visits:

A follow-up appointment is typical every 3-4 months to review your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan. Of course, should you need to see any of your practitioners sooner, then simply email or call the Institute and we will be happy to make these arrangements.

Between appointments you will have direct access to your Patient Care Coordinator via email or phone to help resolve any questions you have, and to determine the need for additional visits.

It is expected that you will continue to see your family doctor and/or specialist(s) for non-hormonal issues.

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