Aug 09, 2016

Tips for Holistic Health and Wellness

Tips for Holistic Health and Wellness

Our lives are getting busier and we are more stressed.

Yet our health and wellness depends on us taking care of our mind and bodies!

Here are tips for health and wellness that I feel are of benefit to ALL of us in our day-to-day life – whether you feel you are healthy or unhealthy at this point!!

Many of which may be incorporated into our daily lives.

  • Get sufficient sleep
  • Eat well and keep hydrated
  • Exercise
  • Listen to your body and what it needs
  • Get out in the fresh air and sunlight – yes even in the winter!
  • Take life just a little lighter than you did yesterday, last week or last year.
  • Connect with like minded people and your social support network
  • Be mindful – when doing day to day tasks, by being aware of your thoughts and emotions
  • Thoughts and emotions trigger neurotransmitters, hormones and other body chemicals, which in turn affect physical health!!
  • Use essential oils, for instance, lavender for relaxation
  • Do things that you enjoy!
  • Manage your stress (maybe by using some of these tips)
  • Be kind to yourself. Love yourself.
  • Access holistic and integrative practitioners that resonate with you e.g. naturopaths, dietitian, traditional Chinese medicine doctors, massage therapist, manual lymph drainage or craniosacral therapists, reiki, body talk, meridian therapy approaches, etc. The list is endless!!

I’d love to hear other tips and suggestions you may have that help your health and wellness.

And as always, please share these tips with others who may benefit.


Thank you

Avdeep, OT Reg. (Ont.)


Avdeep Bahra is an occupational therapist that uses various techniques to enhance her clients’ mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. She offers one on one appointments, mindfulness meditation classes and mindfulness workshops in the Greater Toronto Area. She has co-facilitated at the University of Toronto on spirituality, health and wellness. Furthermore, she has educated viewers on Rogers TV on the topic of holistic health.

Avdeep has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Masters in Occupational Therapy. She offers client appointments in person or over Skype.


Contact Avdeep to Get Started! or 416-709-0530

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