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The Institute for Hormonal Health was created to fill a gap in our current medical approach to hormonal issues. The understanding of causes, the quality of diagnosis, and in particular the treatment of hormonal problems have fallen short in the eyes of patients and physicians alike–particularly since the Women's Health Initiative study results were less than favourable for conventional hormone replacement therapy.

Here at the Institute for Hormonal Health, we have created a program that integrates the evidence-based science of both western medicine and naturopathic medicine, and anchored them on a foundation of nutritional science. This holistic approach enables us to treat the causes of a hormonal issue, and not just the symptoms. Bio-identical hormones, natural supplements and lifestyle choices are key to a successful treatment program.

We understand that each of us is unique – that no two patients are alike, even though they might share the same diagnosis. It is with this understanding that we customize and individualize treatment programs that are specific to each patient's unique hormonal needs. We do so in a holistic manner, taking mind, body, and spirit into consideration.

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Our uniquely qualified team possesses unparalleled training and expertise, with each practitioner having a specific professional focus on issues of hormonal imbalance.


Whether you're male, female, peri-menopausal or menopausal – whether you're dealing with PMS, infertility, hypothyroidism or burn-out – whether you're struggling to lose those last ten pounds, simply want to fine-tune your hormonal balance, or even prevent hormonal imbalance... we look forward to helping you make healthy changes.

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