Apr 15, 2013

Get Relaxed About Stress

Does your blood boil when sitting in bumper to bumper traffic? Do your muscles tighten and tense when you’re running late for an appointment? Do you get anxious, confused, irritated, forgetful or weepy, when life simply becomes too much?

We all know stress negatively impacts our physical and mental health, but what can we do to quell our stress and manage our lives more effectively?

Here are 5 empowering ways to take charge of your stress today and improve the quality of your life.


1. When you observe you’re stressed, stop immediately and bring your attention to your breath. With full awareness and attention begin to gently slow down your breathing and notice how your mind begins to still alongside it.

2. Keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings and express rather than suppress what’s inside.

3. Twice a day perform a body scan. Focus your attention on all the different parts of your body from your toes to your head and notice any areas that are holding tension. When you notice the tension, squeeze the muscles in this area for a count of 3-5 seconds, then slowly release and relax.

4. Engage in a daily practice of meditation. The most widely recognized and proven form of meditation for stress release is Transcendental Meditation. To learn more visit www.tm.org

5. Lastly, make a list of all the people, situations or events that trigger you to feel stressed and begin to either remove these stress triggers from your life, or seek a professional to assist you to manage more effectively.

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