Herbal Supplementation


Formulations to support hormonal healing and health.

Herbal supplementation is used when hormonal imbalances or vitamin and nutrient deficiencies are so severe that healthy food alone is not sufficient to replete body stores. Good quality herbal supplements that take into account the appropriate route of administration are key components in any hormonal health protocol.

With years of experience treating hormonal conditions, Dr. Prouse MD, FRCSC has identified patterns of hormonal disruption that have allowed her to formulate 22 herbal supplements with Health Canada approval that are designed to tackle the specific issues encountered by hormonally challenged individuals.

With the greatest attention to detail and through partnering with a highly regarded master formulator, the Institute for Hormonal Health provides a very clean, high quality, organic, non-GMO product that is suitable for the common problems experienced with hormonal imbalance.

Dr. Kristy Prouse MD, FRCSC on Foundation Formula Supplements

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