Sexuality Therapy


Empowering solutions from a renowned psychotherapist and sexuality counsellor.

Our sexuality changes throughout our lives and our hormonal health is tightly linked to those ups and downs. At IHH, we believe your sexual health can and should be addressed as a part of a comprehensive hormonal health treatment program. You will have the ability to consult with our sought-after Sexuality Counsellor, Camille Lawson, either as part of your treatment or independent of other therapies.

Camille is a private practice psychotherapist, specializing in sexuality and relationships and provides a comfortable, safe haven to talk about sexual and relationship concerns, questions and issues. She does both individual and couples counselling and understands the importance of confidentiality and respect in this sensitive area.

Camille’s work is groundbreaking in the areas of hormones, health and sexuality. She counsels on the integration of nutrition, brain chemistry, sexuality and romance to empower people and change lives physically, mentally and emotionally.

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