Supporting weight management through education.

Education is an important part of the Weight Management Program developed by Dr. Prouse MD, FRCSC. This component of the program offers online tools and engages the expertise of a team of practitioners to provide support for patients: A Personal Trainer and Transformation Coach who focuses on the latest exercise science, a Holistic Occupational Therapist who highlights the importance of mindful eating and the importance of a healthy body image, and a Red Seal Chef who provides healthy and creative cooking tips to make the process enjoyable and weight loss sustainable. Guest lectures from top weight management experts on a variety of topics are also offered to help support your progress and needs.

Dr. Prouse MD, FRCSC has developed a strategy that addresses hormonal healing in a pyramid of layers with weight management at the top of the pyramid. This layered approach responds to the fact that correcting one hormone imbalance often leads to the correction of another hormone imbalance, without the need to target it directly. Weight management is positioned near the top of this “orderly healing pyramid” as it is common to see weight loss when hormonal balance is achieved.

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