Feb 27, 2019

Listen: When Your Body Speaks

From ancient times and all over the Globe many cultures have written and recorded information on the interwoven aspects of the Mind, Body and Spirit. When one is out of balance the others will undoubtedly be affected. Allopathic Medicine does recognize that “stress” can have a very negative effect on the physical body; yet it still has much catching up to do when it comes to looking for Root causes as well as the direct correlation between emotions and health.

Michael Drake, a ceremonial drummer of Cherokee descent, draws a direct correspondence between Native American energy centres and chakras:

“The spiritual traditions of the Hopi, Cherokee, Tibetan, Hindu, and other cultures teach us that there are vibratory centres within the human body. All describe spinning wheels of energy called chakras, lying along the spine. There are seven major chakras situated along the vertical spinal axis from the genital region to the crown of the head… Chakras function much like electrical junction boxes, mediating spiritual energy throughout the entire mind-body system. They are the interface among the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of one’s being. Imbalances in chakras lead to imbalances in body, mind, and spirit.”

These references to the body and its “Energy Centres” have also been intricately described in writings dating back to the Aborigines tribes of Australia,  Ancient Egypt’s Book of the Dean and even the Kabbalah. Many correspondences between the chakra system and Traditional Chinese medicine appears in writings dated before 200 BCE. In TCM, as in chakra theory, the life force, or chi, begins its journey through the human body in the lungs (Elias and Ketchum).  It flows through a complex network of pathways, or meridians, designated yin or yang.  All natural phenomena embody the continuous interplay between the two poles of yin/earth energy and yang/heaven energy (Metzger and Zhou).

Ill health results from a disturbance or blockage of chi.  More specifically, an imbalance in the flow of energy through one meridian often brings about imbalances in others.  In addition, other factors including emotions can affect individual meridians and the meridian network as a whole, thus affecting bodily functions. (Patricia Day Williams, M.D.)

From India, Africa and Tibet, to Europe, Egypt, Australia and the Americas …since the earliest of recorded writings, hieroglyphics and even the artist depictions of  the white golden crown chakra aura above the crown of Jesus with his glowing heart… the people of the past wanted us to know the dynamics of the Energetic body.

Deep down we know when something is off….. we sense it; we feel it. And often the ‘still, small voice’ within will whisper that something is off. But undeniably, the body itself will manifest symptoms when things are out of balance. These may not be so subtle. Eventually, they will scream until we stop, even force us to stop and listen (i.e., illness/injury).

These symptoms are most often the leaf of the branch that travels down to a large, thick root that is anchored in emotion, perhaps past trauma and long termed suppressing and ‘coping’. Maybe its physical tension, repetitions, overuse or an acute injury. If its mental, perhaps it is worry, doubt, an obsessive pattern, overthinking, nay-saying or replaying. Often it is the thinking that leads to the emotional rising or suppression of fear, anxiety, bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, sorrow or even the feeling of being frantic.

Thankfully, with the culmination of information from these cultures and the reasoning that everything was connected, the birth of the methods/therapies for which to bring relief and balance was born.

At IHH, we have embraced the integration of methods and modalities to re-yoke Mind Body and Spirit. Come and experience Reiki, Acupuncture, Heart Math and Coaching with your very own in-house certified practitioners.

Additional Reading:  Your Body Speaks Your Mind, by Deb Shapiro. 

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