About the Programs


An integrated approach.

Patients of the Institute for Hormonal Health benefit from the encompassing skill sets of a medical doctor, naturopathic doctors, bio-energetic medicine specialists, registered nurses, a registered dietician, a holistic nutritionist, a holistic occupational therapist, homeopathic doctors, fitness experts, a pelvic physiotherapist and a sexuality psychotherapist.

Due to the complexity of the hormonal system, a multi-dimensional approach to supporting and adequately balancing it for long-term health and disease prevention produces the best results. At the Institute for Hormonal Health, we understand this complexity and recognize that a multi-disciplinary approach is essential to maximizing the potential benefits of hormonal balance.

A specialized team.

Our uniquely qualified team possesses unparalleled training and expertise, with each practitioner having a specific professional focus on issues of hormonal imbalance. This diverse pool of expertise and experience enables us to design a truly holistic hormonal program for each individual’s unique needs.

Every patient of the Institute for Hormonal Health will benefit from the encompassing skill sets of a physician specializing in gynecology, a naturopathic doctor and a holistic nutritionist. A comprehensive hormonal program is designed to incorporate each individual’s unique hormonal needs, and to help establish a foundation of health that is not only preventive, but also key to maintaining hormonal health.

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