Dec 04, 2014

The Power of Positive Self-Talk

The world is full of pretty and shiny things that promise to take our woes away and make us happy. Although we tend to think that a new haircut, better job or different body are the tickets to smiley-land, experts say only 10% of our happiness is actually related to us. The other 90% has to do with our perspective! Your outlook on life determines your level of happiness, health and success. You can learn a lot about your perspective on life and how it’s affecting you by listening to your own self-talk. Positive self-talk can not only change your perspective (a major piece of the happiness puzzle), but it can also make you achieve more, feel confident and less stressed.

Positive self-talk has a huge place in the fitness and athletic world. Do you think Michael Phelps could have become the most decorated Olympian of all time by telling himself he sucked and couldn’t make it? Not a chance. He probably had his own set of positive phrases he used to push himself to be his best, even when he was worn out or nervous. The same goes for all of us non-Olympians. We can accomplish more and feel better if we cheer ourselves on a little. Positive self-talk creates positive results… period. However, in order to become your own cheerleader, you first need to look at the way you currently talk to yourself.

Pay attention to the thoughts, phrases and ideas that float around your head, specifically the ones that have to do with you. If you’ve become so conditioned at talk negatively to yourself it may be hard for you to notice these thoughts at first, but be patient. Start with knowing that all you need and deserve is self-love, and anything that doesn’t fit that framework is negative. For an example, if you hear yourself in your head saying how fat and gross you are when you look in the mirror take a moment to pause and reverse it. Instead of “I’m fat” can you turn this into a positive self-talk moment by saying “I’m beautiful and motivated to get fit?” When you’re facing a challenge, flip “I can’t do it” to “I can do anything I set my mind to.” It just takes one moment to change your perspective by using positive self-talk and it goes a long way. With practice and patience, you can become quick at catching the negative messages in your head and turning them into positive notes.

Next time you’re at the gym or preparing for a big presentation at work, tell yourself “I’ve got this,” or “I’m excited about this experience.” You’ll work harder, with less anxiety and feel more accomplished as a result. When you’re running out of steam on the treadmill pick a word to repeat to yourself like “breathe” or “relax.” Our words are powerful and have the ability to construct our view of the world. Choose them wisely, especially the words you choose to direct at yourself. Think positively, speak positively and act positively!

About the Author

Michelle Armstrong is the Life Renovator and creator of the Renovate your Life™ programs and events.  Michelle is the author of TRANSFORM and MANAGE YOUR MIND, MASTER YOUR LIFE.  For more information visit

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