Apr 11, 2019

Weight Loss – It’s Never Just About What You Eat

A large portion of people I see in the clinic and whom request my advice, are looking for weight loss, either as a primary goal or as one of a series of health goals. What most people don’t realize is that natural and sustained weight loss comes naturally when the body is in balance or in a state of homeostasis, and let me tell you, it’s almost never just about what people are eating. Don’t get me wrong, what you eat is of primary importance but there are other factors involved.

What does the body need to be balanced? 1. Nourishing, natural, whole foods, including good fats 2. Hydration 3. A full night’s sleep (7.5 hrs), every night (on avg.) 4. Movement (30 mins of walking and some light stretching) 5. Ability to adapt to and manage stressors.

These are so very basic yet most people find it near impossible to meet these criteria, myself included. On a very basic level, when one of these areas goes out, the body becomes unbalanced and it’s left compensating in a multitude of ways. When a body is not balanced, it is in a stressed state, which itself can lead to weight gain or weight loss resistance.

Here are a few scenarios to ponder… do you see yourself in these? – You are trying to loose weight but you go to bed usually past midnight and get up by 6. – You get plenty of exercise, drink water and regularly skip meals. Less eating and more exercise means weight loss right? Wrong! – You run and train for marathons yet your body just won’t get rid of the excess weight. You don’t understand how it’s possible to exercise so much and still be overweight or why you are actually gaining fat. – You eat healthy, drink lots of water and exercise, yet you have unrelenting stress from your job or family and notice you just keep slowly gaining weight.

All of these scenarios can lead to weight gain and inability to lose weight. There are a ton more reasons why your body is holding onto weight but I wanted to just give you an idea of the top things that you want to look at when devising a weight loss or fat loss strategy and expand your mind about how multi-dimensional the issue can be. It’s rarely just about the food!

Of course, I can help you with this because not only do I put together customized diets for people, but I look at all these other factors to figure out what needs to be done to balance your body so that you can finally shed those unwanted pounds. Often we need accountability and a solid plan to make lifestyle changes. Although these things look simple on paper, they are hard to change and we often need help!

If you are looking for help losing weight/ body fat, book a free 45 minute session with me! We can chat about your issue and see if we would be a good fit to work together! I do in-person, over the phone or video calls to suit your preference.

Originally posted on MeiraArkell.com

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